Justkingphoebe Viral Video

Justkingphoebe Viral Video

Tvionenews.com – A controversial action by a Nigerian woman with the username “Justkingphoebe” has become a hot topic of conversation all over cyberspace.

This incident took place on November 6, when a young woman named Phoebe performed a series of unusual acts that were captured in a video that immediately went viral on various social media platforms.

The video has sparked mixed reactions from the public, and now, after several days have passed, Phoebe has finally shed light on what prompted her to commit the act. How is it explained and how does the public respond? Let’s see more in the following report.

Justkingphoebe Viral Video

Justkingphoebe Viral Video is a video showing the unnatural actions of a Nigerian woman with the username “Justkingphoebe” has gone viral on various social media platforms today Lagos, Nigeria, November 6 2023. This incident occurred on November 6 and immediately attracted the attention of many Internet user.

Justkingphoebe Viral Video

In the short video, a young woman, later identified as Phoebe, is seen performing various strange and controversial acts. Although the video is only a few minutes long, it has sparked numerous reactions and discussions across cyberspace.

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Phoebe, who appears to be in her 20s, is seen in the video walking around a shopping mall in Lagos. The video shows various unusual acts, such as wearing flashy clothes and creating chaos inside a shopping mall. He was also seen speaking aggressively to employees and visitors, while holding his cellphone and recording all their actions.

The video gained the attention of thousands of social media users, with many of them condemning Phoebe’s actions as inappropriate and disturbing order at the shopping centre. Meanwhile, there are also those who think that this may be a form of creative expression or an act of protest aimed at something unknown.

Some social media users questioned whether Phoebe needed help or psychological treatment. However, until now, there has been no official information that confirms or refutes this allegation.

In response to this incident, authorities are conducting an investigation to understand the background to the incident and whether Phoebe’s actions could be considered a criminal act. Meanwhile, Phoebe herself has not provided an official statement or explanation regarding her controversial actions.

The video remains a topic of conversation on social media and it is hoped that further information will soon be provided by the authorities as well as Phoebe herself to provide clarification on this incident.

After the video of her controversial act went viral on social media on November 6, the Nigerian woman known by the username “Justkingphoebe” finally gave an explanation about her act. This explanation emerged after various speculations and discussions involving various parties.

In her statement, Phoebe revealed that her aim was to organize a non-violent protest against a shopping mall company in Lagos which, according to her, had been mistreating its employees. Phoebe explained that she felt the need to take drastic action to bring this issue to wider attention and encourage change.

Phoebe also added that she realizes her actions may have been unusual, but she wanted to express her dissatisfaction with the company’s actions. He apologized to anyone who may have felt disturbed or uncomfortable by his actions and emphasized that there was no malicious intent behind his actions.

In response to Phoebe’s explanation, the shopping center company released an official statement stating that they would conduct an internal evaluation of the issues raised by Phoebe and were committed to improving their working conditions and relationships with employees.

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Reactions to Phoebe’s explanation varied on social media, with some users supporting her actions as a legitimate form of protest, while others still felt that her actions had crossed the line. There is still ongoing discussion about whether such actions are an appropriate method of voicing dissatisfaction.


Authorities are continuing to monitor the situation, and no legal action has been taken against Phoebe. This case remains a topic of interest in Nigeria and online, underscoring the importance of open communication and better understanding in addressing social problems.

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